As part of a campaign to reduce food waste at University Halls, the Sustainability Team is currently handing over to students some materials which enable food sharing and also provide information on how to make the most of leftover food.

Don’t need it? Put a sticker on it!

The food waste stickers are a way of highlighting to flatmates any food you would like to share. Just grab a sticker, note down the date, and paste it on the product or ingredient you would like to share. Please make sure you are not sharing any product that had gone off.

Seasonal Recipes Calendar

The Seasonal Calendar is a selection of easy to prepare, cheap, and most of all, seasonal recipes, which emphasise ways of using up leftover vegetables, fruits, herbs, ends of cheese, among others. It also brings to you information on how to buy and cook in a sustainable way.

Food losses have an impact on the environment, and on economic and social development.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) emphasises that 1/3 of the food produced in the world for human consumption goes to waste. In Europe alone, the food currently wasted could feed 200 million people.

By taking part in our campaign you can save money, support food security, and contribute to a sustainable future!

Look out for a food waste trial in Marylebone Halls! Find instructions below:




Jéssica Vieira

Jéssica Vieira

Sustainable Food Assistant at University of Westminster
Jéssica works on ensuring sustainable food practices in partnership with Aramark, and developing campaigns to maintain the University Fairtrade status.
Jéssica Vieira

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