Fairtrade changes people lives, it  enables farmers in developing countries to get a better deal on their products and get the pay they deserve for their hard work, meaning that they can provide an education to their children and they can live the dignified live that they deserve.

To enable students and staff to see with their own eyes how Fairtrade affects farmer’s life, we have organized as part of our Fairtrade Fortnight series of event, on Thursday the 9th of March, a movie screening in Harrow Hall common room.

The movie shown was “Dukale’s Dream” starring Hugh Jackman as himself. The Australian actor goes to Ethiopia to visit a Fairtrade coffee farm. Here Hugh sees the everyday life of Dukale, the owner of the farm he has visited, and is impressed by the effort of Dukale’s work to provide food and education to his family. Coming back home, Hugh decides that he needs to make a change in his life and he pledges to buy Fairtrade products. After two years, Hugh’s own coffee company is producing its own coffee blend called “Dukale’s Dream”, in order to support the life of the Ethiopian farmer and his family.

After the screening, the participants were engaged in a discussion on what we can do to make Fairtrade an available option into our daily life. Students were pleased to know that the University provides Fairtrade options in its cafeterias and canteens. In fact, while having this conversation, they were eating Fairtrade cakes and brownies!


Alessio Norrito

Alessio Norrito

Sustainable Events Assistants at University of Westminster
I work for the sustainability department, helping the organization of events around the University campuses.
Alessio Norrito

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