On Friday the 10th of March to celebrate the end of Fairtrade Fortnight, we held a great Fairtrade Tea Party in Regent Street campus. Students and members of staff joined us in the Deep End to learn more about Fairtrade, having a chat while drinking a cup of Fairtrade tea and coffee.

Everyone was incredibly interested in discussing the importance of Fairtrade, bringing up interesting points and sharing their own experience of buying Fairtrade. Raising awareness on the significance of Fairtrade is key to ensure that farmers in developing countries can live a dignified and fair life.

Everyone spent a nice afternoon, while drinking tea and eating cakes. For this event, we need to be grateful to the Fairtrade farmers that have provided everything that was in our table. In fact, everything on offer was Fairtrade, from brownies and cakes to tea and coffee. Even the sugar! The participants were happy to know that their University fully supported Fairtrade products in its pledge to be sustainable and to have a positive impact on society.

Thank you very much to all the participants! Here are some pictures taken during the event:

fairtrade-6 fairtrade-13 fairtrade-14


Alessio Norrito

Alessio Norrito

Sustainable Events Assistants at University of Westminster
I work for the sustainability department, helping the organization of events around the University campuses.
Alessio Norrito

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