The International Development Society (IDS) in collaboration with the Democratic Education Network (DEN) are organising an educational field trip to Kastsart University, Bangkok, Thailand. The trip will be from the 12th June till the 20th June 2017. We are looking for students from year 1, 2 and 3 to join the trip.

  • The criteria for selecting students for the trip are:
    • In order to participate students will need to write 500 words about why you would like to go and how this trip would support your educational and personal development.
    • Students must accept the rules and the procedures set by the University of Westminster for the field trip; to work with other students from year 1, 2 and 3 for the duration of the trip and to be involved or willing to take on new project with DEN or IDS in coming years, this could include organising new local and international trips.
    • Students should not have been on any international field trip this academic year.
  • The deadline to apply is 16th April 2017.
  • If a student is accepted onto the programme they must write 5 blog posts
    • Each post should be 500 words: 1 on your perception of Thailand before leaving the UK and 4 while you are in Thailand.

To find out more about this opportunity and/or to submit your applications, please contact the International Development Society at or  Andrea Montalvo – Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator – at by the 16th April 2017.

Image: My Trip to Bangkok 2015

Andrea Montalvo

Andrea Montalvo

Corporate Social Responsibility Support Coordinator at University of Westminster
Andrea joined the Social Responsibility team in January 2016 in the role of CSR Support Coordinator and she is currently responsible for coordinating the implementation of the governance, communications, training, reporting, staff, student & stakeholder engagement elements of the CSR Strategy.

Andrea can be contacted at:
Andrea Montalvo

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