You are invited to participate in the ‘Westminster Global Challenges Convention’ organized by the Department of Politics and International Relations (DPIR) at the University of Westminster, in collaboration with the Democratic Education Network (DEN), an initiative by the DPIR student community.

Conference Theme:

The first instalment will centre on the many challenges facing the (post)globalised world and will address a variety of issues, ranging from economics to politics to development. This past year witnessed an unprecedented wave of anti-globalisation sentiment around the world. Populist movements towards traditional nationalist narratives have signalled the greatest challenge yet seen to global cosmopolitanism and the ‘triumph of liberalism. In political discourse, protectionism and isolationism continue to dominate elections, policies and discussions around the world. Anti-immigration stances have dominated the Western political scene as citizens perceive their identity to be under threat.

The once robust network of free trade agreements and economic interdependence is now being viewed with suspicion, despite the widespread benefits global trade has brought consumers around the world. This is happening, not in spite of globalisation, but as a response to it. Indeed, globalisation was not just a political or economic process; it was a global movement, a turning point in humanity. To revert back to a 20th century understanding of global affairs would be impossible, so it is crucial to investigate how globalisation has been responded to around the world, highlighting the multitude of different experiences and stories. In a truly global fashion, we strongly encourage participants from around the world to present papers which discuss the challenges facing a (post)globalised world from their own unique perspectives. Too often, studies of globalisation compartmentalise the phenomenon from the perspective of one discipline and one location.

Our hope is to provide a forum for a wide range of scholars from several disciplines to understand the connections linking contemporary responses to globalisation. Our conference encourages students from around the world to present on topics including: economics, security, gender, international institutions, development, law, and cultural studies.

Working Panel Titles:

– Economics after Globalisation: Growing inequality?

– New Dangers at the end of Globalisation

– Development in Crisis: Approaches and Responses

– Experienced Globalisation: Stories from the non-West

– Gender, norms, and international society

– Intergovernmental organizations

Please note that this list is only indicative of possible topic areas that contributors may wish to consider while they develop their papers for the conference. Individuals may also register and attend the conference as an observer without submitting or presenting any work.


This event will take place on the 5th- 6th May 2017.

Who Should Attend?

This conference is designed primarily for undergraduate and master’s students as too often there is insufficient space given to presenting research at this level. Early-career researchers, academics as well as think-tank representatives are also welcome.

Benefits of Attendance?

• Recognition of your work on an international platform as a presenter

• All accepted abstract/full papers will be published in the conference proceedings both print and online version

• Potentially identify your future collaborative partner among international, vibrant and scholarly audience

• Sharing ideas and meeting with students from around the world, forging new networks and opportunities for post-graduate life.


For further information please contact Greg Aasen or Andrea Montalvo at


University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, Post Code W1B 2HW- London, United Kingdom

To register CLICK HERE

We hope you can make it!

Andrea Montalvo

Andrea Montalvo

Corporate Social Responsibility Support Coordinator at University of Westminster
Andrea joined the Social Responsibility team in January 2016 in the role of CSR Support Coordinator and she is currently responsible for coordinating the implementation of the governance, communications, training, reporting, staff, student & stakeholder engagement elements of the CSR Strategy.

Andrea can be contacted at:
Andrea Montalvo

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