Patsak is a Masters student at the University of Westminster studying Logistics and Supply Chain Management. He arrived in London in late January 2017 and found he wasn’t making the most of his time in the city.

“I’ve been in London for just three or four months, so volunteering is a real eye-opener for me. For the past three months, I just stayed in my flat, only going back and forth to university. I haven’t been out to parks or enjoyed any other event, so this is very good for me.”

Patsak previously volunteered in his home country of Thailand, and recognised it was a good way to get out and meet people. “I volunteered at a committee, and went to a lot of activities in other cities I had never been to before.” He says he got into volunteering because “studying is not the only way you can get experience.”

He encouraged other people to volunteer, saying it was a great way to gain confidence.

“Just be courageous about it. When people volunteer for the first time, they are really shy. They want to join in, but they don’t want ask too many questions. So have the courage to join first and ask questions later. Especially because people in the volunteer world are really nice.”

The London Marathon was his first event as an Ambassador but he enjoyed it greatly and other Ambassadors volunteering alongside him said he picked up lots of local information very quickly. As well as being able to help people on the day, and learn more about London, Patsak pointed out that volunteering for him was a sort of memento.

“My favourite thing about the event today is the valuable experience I’ve gained. It’s London, and it’s my first time at an event like this. So at least when I go back to Thailand, I have something to tell, to share with a friend. I came to London not only to study, but to make a connection as well.”

The Team Westminster Ambassadors provide event and local information to members of the public at high profile events throughout Westminster. Join their friendly group of volunteers by completing their registration form here ( Once completed, you will be invited to book onto an evening induction session. For more information visit their website here, call them on 0300 365 9910 or you can email them at

Berekhet Berakhy

Berekhet Berakhy

Berekhet engages students and third sector organisations to explore volunteering, voluntary work and social enterprise for the mutual benefit of personal, professional and community development. Through this role, Berekhet contributes to achievement of the University’s CSR’s key objectives linked to Community Engagement, Students’ Employability and Experience.
Berekhet Berakhy

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