The newest State of the Nation report from November 2017 focuses on Britain’s geographical divide. Educational, employability and housing prospects across 324 local authority areas were assessed.

Who is advantaged?

Chapter 4 of the report focuses on Youth and reveals that the chances of a bright future after school for disadvantaged youth varies by region. Urban areas, particularly London, create the best environment for them to develop.

What to do?

“Social mobility is enabled when youth have access to good career advice, interaction with employees and labour market preparation.” This is where universities play an important role. They should encourage local employers to organise student volunteering opportunities as it benefits students and allows them a simpler transition to adult, work world.

UoW services

University of Westminster students are lucky to be based in the centre of London, so there are lots of great opportunities to learn and develop. The university supports their students and staff fully and delivers a variety of opportunities so you can make the most of your time here. We have fully developed Volunteering Services that are here to help you in your transition from study to work.

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Please email for support with developing and implementing your volunteering and/or social enterprise project.

Read the report below to find more information.

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