The University of Westminster is committed to being a Socially Responsible and Sustainable University. In order to shine a spotlight on this commitment the Corporate Social Responsibility Team facilitated an independent assessment of the universities economic and social impact on London and the UK.

The report records the areas of significant impact through facts, figures and five case studies, bringing to life the amazing work carried out by our students and staff, building on our history and into the future as a socially responsible, pioneering, distinctive and diverse university.

Some of the highlights are:

  • £263 million contributed to the UK economy
  • £754 million Gross Value Added
  • £104 million UK export earnings
  • 6977 full-time equivalent jobs generated
  • Number 1 London HEI provider of Continuing Professional Development
  • 500+ students volunteering 24,000 hours in the community
  • 350,000 staff volunteer hours in public and community engagement activity
  • 6082 over 55’s participated in our Matinee Classic Programme
  • 2500 local school children participated in our school’s cinema programme and free film festival
  • 96% of our students come from state schools and colleges
  • 58% of our students identify as BAME

The aim of our CSR team is to enable our students and staff to proactively contribute to society, creating value through learning and teaching, research, extra-curricular activity and volunteering, supported by our operations, ethical business practices and wider outreach in public and community engagement.

Prospective and current students along with our staff, local and global communities, government, industry partners and other stakeholders have increasing expectations about our contributions as an institution, which the university needs to meet if it is to stay competitive.

The full CSR Report is available on our website. For further information, to get involved and make a change for good sign up to our blog and newsletter. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions for how we can improve our social responsibility programme please contact:

Andy Norris, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility or the CSR team on