Next Saturday the 24th of March at 8:30pm is Earth Hour! Run by the World Wildlife Fund, this is a global movement asking everyone to switch off their lights and non-essential appliances to make a symbolic stand against climate change and the degradation of natural habitats. Last year 9 million people took part across the UK and this year’s looking to be even bigger and better.

So what can you do to participate? The easiest way is to switch off your lights for an hour, hang out with your family and friends, and if you’re stuck for ideas about how to pass the time in the dark, the WWF has made a list of 60 suggestions including wine tasting, candlelight crafting or stargazing. If you want to do something more ambitious you’re also welcome to organise another event to show your solidarity with the planet, so get thinking!

When you sign up to Earth Hour on the WWF website you’ll also be prompted to make a promise to the planet to help you make an impact beyond the hour. They’ve got a bunch of great suggestions such as using a reusable coffee cup or reducing your meat consumption, or if you’re feeling creative you can make your own personal promise to do your part.

Make sure to shout about it all over social media and use the hashtag #EarthHourUK to spread the word!

Cormac Cleary

Cormac Cleary

Sustainable Food Assistant at University of Westminster and Aramark
Cormac Cleary

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