How many Westminster students does it take to answer ten questions correctly about lightbulbs?

The answer is: 40. We ran an energy quiz competition with our electricity supplier Smartest Energy to find out what our students know about energy. Out of 40 entrants, only one student from our Marylebone campus emerged victorious and got all 10 questions right.

Congratulations to Taishanah Ferris (pictured with Katherine Boyczuk, our Environmental Sustainability Manager and Virginia Cheung, our Energy Coordinator) who comes away with an Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker as a reward for her impressive knowledge.

So how would you have done on the quiz? Take a look at the questions and answers to learn the difference between energy fact and fiction:

With an average score of 69% you haven’t let yourselves down too badly, but there’s still some work to be done. It turns out most of you don’t have much faith in your uni: less than 40% of respondents believed we run on clean electricity. Ouch. That one hurt our feelings but we’ll forgive you if you subscribe to our newsletter and keep up to date with our team.

Virginia Cheung

Virginia Cheung

Energy Coordinator at University of Westminster
Virginia Cheung

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