Cycling has loads of benefits to our health, reduces our carbon footprint and helps reduce air pollution around the city. That’s why we think it’s important that we have the facilities to encourage you to cycle as much as possible. We’ve put together a list of our top tips if you’re cycling into university

1. Know What Facilities Are Available To You



There are 30 bicycle racks, 16 lockers and 5 showers located in the basement of the building; ask reception for access to the basement be added to your card.

There are also 19 Santander Cycle Hire Docking Stations on New Cavendish Street.


In total there are 130 bicycle racks at Harrow and 10 showers. The cycle racks are located near the entrance to the forum, near the Maria Hewlett building.


There are 107 bicycle racks, 60 lockers and 5 showers. If you intend to use a locker you will need to provide your own lock, these are not intended for long term use (only the time you are in the shower).

There are also 19 Santander Cycle Hire Docking Stations on Marylebone Road.


There is are 19 Santander Cycle Hire Docking Stations on Portland Place and 10 showers located in the gym in the basement.

Chiswick Sports Ground

There are 34 bicycle racks and 9 showers available on site.

For more information about the facilities and recommendations clothes, visibility and locks click here.

2. Find a Safe Route


There are a range of tools you can use to find yourself a route into work, we’d recommend using  Cycle Street to find a safe route and using TFL to find out about any new routes near you. Cycle Street is also launching an App which you can get on the Google Play Store.

3. Get a locker


If you’re cycling a long distance to get to a campus its always nice to freshen up afterwards. To make this easier to do we have provided lockers to store your things whilst your shower. The lockers can also be used to store your gear whilst your at work or studying, but are only for short term use.

The sustainability team look after the lockers so contact us if you need one.

4. Have Your Say


Leaking shower? Broken Locker? Not enough space to lock your bike? We’re always looking for ways to improve our facilities to encourage you to cycle in more often, so let us know your thoughts by emailing us.

5. Stay Up To Date


We are relaunching our cycling newsletter during Sustainability Week (4th-8th March 2019). This newsletter will be filled with updates on facilities, cycling events & news, community projects and more. This is also the perfect platform for you to promote any cycling project you may be working on! Sign up by emailing

The Students Union is also looking to start a cycling club! Contact if you’re interested in joining

Other Useful Links


Free Cycling Skill Training from Beginners to Advanced

Santander Cycle Hire Docking Locations

Camden Cycles for New & Used Bikes

Did you know staff get discount at Cycle Republic (43 Margaret Street London W1W 8S)?


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