Garden Party

The annual staff get together returns this summer as our university is organising a Garden Party on the 2nd of August where they would be launching an exciting new wellbeing initiative for all staff members. In order to invite all staff members, invitation posters have been put out across receptions areas of all campuses. We encourage you to go check out the posters and show your creativity by colouring the intricate design. Let your creativity take over you and colour your mood on to the posters! Encourage your colleagues to join you during lunch time as a lunch time activity or as a creative team activity to take some time to relax and show their artistic side. Each of these posters will be on display in Chiswick at the Garden Party, make sure your campus has the best poster!

Food Donation

Alongside this exciting creative initiative, in collaboration with the Baker Street Quarter, we will be running food banks in all campuses (main reception areas) to donate to the North Paddington Food Bank, which provides food and support to local families and experiencing crisis, and , and FoodCycle, which facilitates volunteers in cooking free community meals using the donations.

Go Register!

As some of you may already know that this year’s annual event is being redesigned and relaunched to be more inclusive. The Westminster Annual Garden Party will provide an opportunity for colleagues to enjoy time out together at the beautiful Quintin Hogg Memorial Sports Ground. If you haven’t already done so, book here to reserve your place. The university is focusing on your wellbeing and there will be a wide range of sports, fun and more relaxing options for you to participate in on the day.

Get creative and see you at the Garden Party!

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