Take a look at some of the best innovations and stories from around the world that happened in June. Look at what businesses and governments are doing to protect the world and find out how you can play your part by throwing a dinner party for your friends.

New Philippines Law Requires Students To Plant 10 Trees Before Graduating

The Philippines government recently passed a bill that will help green-ify the country in a pretty out-of-the-box way. The new law will require all elementary, high school, and college students to face a unique final exam: Plant at least 10 trees before they can graduate.

It is estimated that 175 million trees will be planted each year as a result!

If you haven’t seen the latest BBC documentary on the war on waste then you’re missing out on some shocking discoveries! Don’t worry it’s still available on the BBC Iplayer.

Find out about where some UK Plastic ends up when it’s taken abroad, how much plastic we use at home,  how to cut down on your single plastic usage and how it’s affecting our health.

They also cover how plastic is in our food, water and even the air we breath. 

Having some friends over for a dinner party? Check out the top tips for hosting a zero waste party!

It takes a bit of planning ahead but it means you’ll be throwing the best and most suitainable dinner party around. Your friends are bound to love it and get on board!

Click on the image to get all the tips!

Waitrose Trial Packaging Free Refill Scheme

Waitrose & Partners are the first major supermarket now offering a packaging free refill option for hundreds of its own brand products. It’s being tested out in Oxford but if the trial goes well it could be rolled out across all stores and set an example for others to follow.

Would you like to see a Zero Waste Shop at the University?

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