Here are 10 energy savings tips when living at home or in halls of residence. Every small action helps our planet and environment.

Switching Off Lights

One of the simplest things you can do but easily forgotten about! So whenever you leave a room get into the good habit of turning the light off.

Or if there’s a good source of sunlight don’t turn them on in the first place – every little helps!

Unplug Your Devices

All things plugged in use some energy, its known as vampire electricity!

So even when your phone or laptop is plugged in and not connected to a device it’ll be eating up energy!

An estimated 25% of your energy bill is from feeding the vampires!

Eco Mode

Most devices now a days have a eco or power saving mode. We’d recommend having this mode as your default mode!

You can change it to a more powerful mode when you need that extra kick from your device to run multiple programs, but you don’t need it to scroll on Facebook.

Keep the Windows Closed

Don’t have your heating on and your windows open.

It seems like a no brainer but we see it happening in halls a lot. If you need to cool down the room turn the heating off.


Don't Overfill The Kettle

Three-quaters of British households overfull their kettles, waste a total of £68m in the UK each year!

Don’t be a mug and fill up your kettle with the amount of water you need!


Use the Microwave

Scenario: You’ve got a pack of Uncle Ben’s Rice – to microwave or hob? That is the question.

Using the microwave is quicker and more energy efficient! The hob takes longer to heat up and cook your food, using up more energy.

Put A Lid On It

If you do decide to take a break from the microwave dinners and unleash you gourmet chef skills on the hob then use a lid.

The lid stops steam & heat escaping and is put to good use cooking the food, saving masses of energy.

Pro tip: using the correct size Pan & Ring combo will ensure no energy is going to waste too!


30 Degree Hero

Washing your clothes at 30 Degrees rather than 40 Degrees will use around 40% less energy! And will still result in a clean pair of Jeans!

Did you know Andrew Groves, the course leader for Fashion at Westminster, doesn’t wash denim at all! Regular washing makes the colour fade and can distort the shape of clothes.


Report It, Fix It

If you’re staying in the University Of Westminster halls you can report any faulty lights, dripping taps, etc. to hall’s reception or the Estates Helpdesk ext 65029 /

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