We’re proud to announce that the Student Union will now be serving Toast Ale .

Who Are Toast Ale?

Did you know 44% of the bread in the UK is never eaten?

Toast are on a mission to change that by using bakery surplus bakery as a key ingredient in beer production. They work with London based bakeries to turn surplus bread into beer.

So far they’ve saved 1 million slices of bread, 1.5x the height of Everest! By using less barley & preventing bread from going to landfill 32 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been prevented, that’s equivalent to flying around the world 9.2 times.

Supplementing barley with bread has also freed up 7 football pitches worth of land and 228,768 pints of water to grow.

Social Good - 100% Of Profit To Charity

By buying Toast Beer you’re helping them donate to food charities that are changing the wasteful way we produce our food and feed people.

So far they’ve donated over £25,000 to charities such as Feedback, The Real Junk Food Project and Strout Foodbank.

Toast are also building a community of people using the power of beer to change the world. They have a open source homebrew recipe which has been accessed over 45,000 times. They’ve collaborated with 20 breweries and inspired at least 23 more to brew with surplus bread in their area.

Responsible Packaging

Toast use steel kegs that, once empty, are collected from pubs, cleaned and reused. 

Their glass bottles are made by Ardagh Group, based just 60 miles from their brewery partner. The recycled glass content is typically 43% with the remainder made up of sand sourced locally and other naturally occurring raw materials. Glass can be recycled endlessly – check out this fun prank – but only 67% is recycled in the UK (74% in Europe). We can all do our bit to improve this.

They’ve recently released their ‘planet saving’ beers in cans. Cans are also capable of being recycled endlessly, with 72% being recycling in the UK.

Take a look at their great post The Can V Bottle Debate – well worth a read.

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