We will be launching a coffee cup recycling campaign in Marylebone and Cavendish Campuses starting Janurary 2020. The Cup Fund is an initiative funded by a grant awarded to recycling company Bywaters by Hubbub and Starbucks.

The grant will fund the installation of paper cup recycling bins, and a reverse vending machine with the opportunity to win incentives for recycling paper cups on campus. The University of Westminster and Bywaters will also organise a series of student-led engagement initiatives to support the introduction of the paper cup waste stream, such as campus events, river cleans and student prize competitions.

The University of Westminster’s involvement in The Cup Fund initiative falls in line with our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our campus operations and activities. By introducing a dedicated paper cup recycling stream and campaign on campus, the University of Westminster wish to change behaviours by promoting the importance of recycling and reusing materials with students and staff at the university.

The project will also do collections using a zero-emission electric coffee cup recycling van, charged from a solar PV array. The project aims to recycle 600,000 paper cups in year 1.

Don't forget to Reuse!

Before you collect a paper cup from the cafe remember there is a 20p discount for using a reusable cup! This is the more environmentally friendly option too so we recommend you use one of these for every hot drink!

Pick up a Reusable cup from all cafe outlets on campus and enjoy a Free Hot Drink when you do!

If you decide to get your coffee in a takeaway cup then make sure to use one of our Coffee Cup Recycling Bins. They’ll literally be shaped like coffee cups, so hard to miss!

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