Date and Time: 2 March, 12pm to 2.30pm

Venue: Old Gym, 309 Regent Street

Format: Liquid Café


On the 2 March 2020 we will be hosting a Liquid Café for all colleagues to work together toward moving forward our work on Equality, Diversity and inclusion. The University Executive Board have recently signed off our action plan for this work and this is an opportunity for colleagues to comment on, develop and contribute toward the implementation of the plan.

The Liquid Café will run from 1pm until 2pm but you can join from 12pm and enjoy some lunch, refreshments and a chance to catch up with colleagues.

The format of Liquid Café is flexible enough for you to spend the full hour contributing but if you are pressed for time drop in, grab a sandwich and stay for as long as you can.

The event has been developed with the full support of our networks; BME, LGBTIQ and Women of Westminster.


What is Liquid Café?

Liquid Café is a form of collaborative inquiry and builds on the assumption that colleagues are a rich source of ideas and that collaborative working is generative of new ideas.


What Will It Cover?

Four Topics or Burning Questions for discussion; Working Intersectionally, action plan implementation,  Equality, Diversity and inclusion governance and connecting outwards to best practice.


Booking your place

You can book your tickets on the eventbrite pages:

or via our Juice Platform:​​​​​​​


Come and join us and make a Change for Good!


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