In celebration of Student Volunteering Week #SVW2020, we are sharing Neelofar’s story. Neelofar is a Westminster graduate from MA (180) Cultural and Critical Studies who came to London as an excellent student with a scholarship and she loves to contribute to the society by volunteering.

“Doing nothing for others is undoing yourself”

I come from Pakistan and I am proud to be a scholarship student at the University of Westminster for my Masters in Cultural and Critical Studies. The scholarship requires me to do 40 hours of volunteering. However, I found myself really enjoying the work of helping others and supporting the society, that’s why I have accomplished more than 100 hours of volunteering this year.

Volunteering has given me an opportunity to meet new friends and change my perspective as working with different people from diverse backgrounds shows me how to think and act in different ways. I volunteered as a teacher assistant at the City of Westminster College and I taught young pupils A Levels in History and Sociology to prepare them for university. Some of them had financial issues but as a scholarship student myself, I always encouraged them to keep studying because nothing can stop them and there were always opportunities such as scholarships to help them achieve their dreams.  

“Doing nothing for others is undoing yourself”. I believe that volunteering is not only helping others but also improving myself. I have developed a clearer vision about the world around me and I have grown up to become such a confident, independent and thoughtful person since I started volunteering. When I was new to London, I did not have many friends and it was difficult to get used to the new life. Volunteering has helped me meet new and amazing friends, made unforgettable memories and I think that this is the best thing I could ask for during my one year in London. I hope that my story would be able to encourage more and more students from the University of Westminster to get involved, carry their voice, develop themselves and make new friends! Because it is not only for others but also for yourself!

Graduate Attributes

Global in outlook and community engaged

Literate and effective communicator


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