This week we are going to focus on a key area for any lower limb movement but especially you lifters – The ANKLE.

Here’s your assessment to see whether you do have any restrictions. Before lockdown did Squat feeling a bit off? -Chances are it could be to do with your range of movement or – in my case – lack of, at the ankle.


Place a thumb and fist – 👍 against the wall, to measure out the ideal distance.

Keep hips square to the wall.

Whilst keeping your knee in line with your toes, attempt to bring the knee to touch the wall.

If you can do this with no issues your ankle mobility is pretty sweet & ideal👌. (Jealous!)

If like me, you are nowhere near then you’ve definitely got some restrictions to work on.

But first, where do you feel the restriction? – Is there a tightness at the back of your leg, around where your calves are, or up the heel into you achilles?

or – A blocking sensation at the front on the joint, where it just won’t allow you to move further forward? – You could even feel both.

If it’s at the back, the videos this week can help to hopefully gain a bit more movement if done frequently.

However, if it’s an issue at the front and that blocking sensation, you will need to do some banded distractions – these are quite difficult to demo with the current situation but if you want a demo let us know and I shall film it for you!

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