Today we S T R E T C H !

Now ideally you would actually preform all these exercises in a routine following one another.

Once you’ve loosened with the soft tissue work go straight into the stretching.

Gastrocnemius & Soleus are your main calf muscles and quite frequently the cause of the tight restricted feeling on the back of your lowerleg, so today we are going to stretch them.


Using a step or a thick chunky book/ anything with a few inches of height you can stand on.

One leg at a time, come to stand on the book, dropping your heel off the back, whilst keeping your leg straight. This stretches the gastrocnemius.

From here keep your ankle hanging and just bend the knee, keeping it inline with your toes and not wandering into the middle of the body. Thisstretches the Soleus.

Work between the two positions, x10 REPS of each holding briefly 2-3 seconds.

After all 10 reps completed now hold each position for 30 seconds to finish.


Quite simple but very effective if your ankles are as bad as mine and you like squatting.

Start with your least mobile ankle. Keep your foot flat on the floor. (If you have good arches in your feet, try to maintain them during the position)

Whilst keeping your foot flat on the floor drive your knee forward and use your bodyweight to lean into the position. Maintain that your heel stays down on the floor the whole time and you knee is either tracking the toes or slightly externally rotated and out to the side.

Hold this for around 40 – 60 secs, possibly slightly more depending on how tight the joint is.

If you nearly touched the wall on assessment then go for 40 seconds. If you, like me, were no where near the wall aim for 60-90secs….

Of course with these assessments the main thing is to retest. Compare to the original test, have you made a difference?

I’m afraid to say that this will take time. Ankles are stubborn things, they take a while to get onboard with change. But stick with it and over time you should notice a difference in your range of movement. Hopefully a more comfortable squat position also!


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