an area that might be an issue with a large amount of people possibly slumped over a not so ideal desk at the moment.

Today we start with something different – let’s assess your mobility in an overhead position.

I always thought mine was 👌, apparently not…


Stand with your back against the wall.

Move your feet away slightly, maintaining that your back, especially lower, stays on the wall. I’ve put a pen behind me as a prompt.

Raise your arms as far as you can whilst maintaining the back position.

Ideally thumbs should touch the wall without compromising the position.


Same starting position but bring your arms up to 90•

Rotate your forearms back towards the wall.

Ideally forearms should lie flush to the wall.

My right is a struggle to reach, think I’ve got some work to do.

Wednesday’s and Friday’ s videos will give you some movements which can help work on increasing this range of movement.

How did you do? Have you got beautiful, show off form and range of movement? Did you barely touch the wall and your shoulders questioned what the hell you were doing!? Or are you slightly in the middle like me, pretty good but improvements to be made.

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