Let’s have a look at creating more movement at that shoulder joint! Some exercises here are to loosen off areas, whilst others are to work on increasing movement throughout all ranges possible in the joint.


Yes a mouthful to say, but if your shoulders are rounded forwards, hunched over a desk a lot of the time, well this pesky Pec Minor could have a part to playin that.

Again you will need a ball of some sort. To locate pec minor – find your clavicle (collar bone) walk your fingers along towards your shoulder. Justbefore you meet the shoulder come down onto your chest. Place your hand their at a diagonal, this is roughly where you will find your pec minor.

Place the ball here and lean into a wall, move your arm around – backwards, forwards, rotating at the elbow. Move the ball around, find where is tight then stay there, keeping breathing and allow the tissue to soften – hopefully!


Looks simple, more about getting the technique 👌.

Find a wall and come to all fours, usual knees under hips, hands under shoulders. From here you are going to take your arm in circles , first backwards and through – as if you’re swimming then reverse it. BUT you want to be as close to the wall as you can without touching it. This is going to get you using the whole area available in your shoulder joint. Equally try not to cheat and use your torso and twist to let your arm through.

Actively think about the movement and what you’re trying to do rather than just mindlessly swinging your arm about.


(Have both feet on the floor, I didn’t as I have injured my right.)

Bring yourself into a normal push up position. Difference here is you are NOT going to bend your elbows. Keep them straight.

We want to work with your scapula (shoulder blades).

Bring your chest down slightly – don’t bend those arms – whilst squeezing your scapula together.

Push back up and repeat.

Timings – Pec minor ideally around a 1-2mins, remember to breath.

Shoulder rotations & Scap push ups x 8-10 controlled reps.

Remember be sensible, if any of these movements hurt or really aggravate underlying conditions don’t do them.

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