Final episode for the shoulder this week, starting to incorporate strength into the equation.


Face a wall and bring your nose to touch it, feet are slightly away.

Tuck your hips under, also engaging those abs.

Bring arms above your head, pull broom down to 90° or slightly more, at your elbows whilst also pulling the broom backwards, away from your body.


This is broken into 6 parts/points.

Easiest version is bodyweight, to create more of a challenge hold something in your hands – cans, water bottles, weights.

1# From a lying face down position, lift your arms off the floor

2# Maintain that height and position of scapula but now bend your elbows, hands now by shoulders.

3# Reach arms forwards in-front of you

4# Return arms back to bent position

5# Straighten arms out again

6# Bring hands and arms to floor & repeat.

Hold EACH section for 5 SECONDS.

Next time we are looking at another weak area of mine, some might say my achilles heel.😝 – The ANKLE!

Until next week.✌️

Have a nice weekend!

Thanks, Jacqui

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