As one of the oldest Universities in London, Westminster has always made its mark whether it’s through premier education, skills training or contributing toward community development.  The diversity of the university is a gift that just keeps giving, not just to the brand that is Westminster but to our most valuable assets…our students

The Student Volunteering Services has spent the past 17 years contributing toward the holistic development of students at Westminster.  With over 20,000 students from countries all over the world, it’s quite easy for anyone to get lost and become just a number while pursuing a degree in one of the world’s largest cities.  We firmly believe that volunteering is so crucial to individual development, as it allows us, not merely to integrate our students, but to engage in a rich exchange of culture. 

Connect with us and Change your world...

Every day we connect with why we’re here – to provide education and opportunity so that people from every background can realise their true potential, contributing to a richer, happier society.  Being Westminster goes hand in hand with our Student Volunteering Services and that’s why we focus on four main pillars of engagement:

  • Student experience
  •  Employability
  • Community engagement 
  • Wellbeing.

We provide opportunities that will enrich our students’ experiences and help build a foundation for their professional pursuits.  There is something for everyone here, whatever your skill level.  The dynamic experience of being a Westminster student only gets better when you volunteer.   Come join the fun…we guarantee…it will change your world forever. 

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