Each year, hundreds of Westminster students volunteer to support charitable causes that matter to them. If you’re interested in volunteering in some way, the Student Volunteering Service is here to help you.

Volunteering is as diverse as the millions of people who do it. Find out about the different types of volunteering. So whatever your background or interests, there’s bound to be something that’s a great fit. Westminster volunteers include new students, experienced postgraduates and everything in between.

For more information, visit our main page at www.westminster.ac.uk/volunteering.

Alternatively, you can email us (volunteering@westminster.ac.uk) or call us (020 3506 6112) or visit us in person for a one-to-one advice sessions on Tuesday mornings (10-11:30 am) or Wednesdays afternoons (2-3:30 pm) at our 101 New Cavendish Street Office, W1W, 6XH.

If you simply like to see what opportunities are available click on the following links:

https://engage.westminster.ac.uk or our one-off volunteering calendar.

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