WOW is a women’s network which lobbies for gender equity and promotes diversity and inclusivity. Its starting point is the recognition of conscious and unconscious biases that continue to affect the working conditions and career prospects of female colleagues and it calls for increased awareness of the struggles of XXI century working women. Taking an intersectional approach to increase visibility for all ‘minority groups’, but focusing on institutional, gender specific issues which impact women, WOW draws from ‘best practices’ and is ultimately dedicated to improving inclusivity, transparency and equity for all.

WOW members are drawn from all staff groups – academic and support services – and invites all women, cis-women, trans-women and non-binary people to join the network. Supporters and friends of WOW from any other staff groups are welcome in the support of our goals and their implementation. WOW organises termly plenary meetings when all members and supporters will join in discussions on actions and progress. If you would like to become a WOW member, join one of our workings groups, or show support, please email For more detailed information on membership, goals and working methods, please see our Terms of Reference below.

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