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Throw Back the School Days

  Going to school in China can be quite different from the UK. The first time I noticed such difference, was during my early days living in England. It was 3.30pm on a weekday, I saw a bunch of school girls storming through a… more
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The Loneliest Generation

In October, 2015, China announced the decision of ending the decades-long “One-Child Policy”. The policy was introduced in 1979, and stayed in the centre of international discussion for many years. With the abolition of the “One-Child Policy”, those Chinese children born in the 80s and 90s are perhaps now the only generation in the entire Chinese civilisation to not have any brothers or sisters. more
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Disappearing Artists

I came across a lot of names when cataloguing the poster collection, names of the artists, printed at the bottom of each poster, some appear more often than the others. So I began to wonder – who are they, what are their life stories, and their artistic pursuits behind these reproductive and strongly stereotypical propaganda posters, especially when they were living through war and social turbulence? more
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Welcome to the Chinese Poster Collection

It is a strange feeling looking at the Chinese Poster Collection in the University of Westminster Archive for the very first time. All those straightforward and catchy political slogans, together with images painted in unbelievably saturated colour, and characters, mostly farmers, soldiers, students, labourers or other proletarian figures, gazing determinedly towards some illusory target afar, have raised an unusual nostalgia in me. more
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