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February 2021

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If you have difficulty contacting us or would like us to call you, please email: dsa@westminster.ac.uk with your details.


We have been accredited by the Disabled Students Allowances Quality Assurance Group (DSA-QAG).

Parents’ FAQs

This section deals with parent specific questions, as a supplement to the main FAQs.  Should you have any additional queries please do not hesitate to contact our admin team for assistance.

Can I book an appointment on behalf of my son/daughter?

Yes. You will need to have access to the medical evidence approved by their funding body (such as Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales, Student Finance Northern Ireland, or the Student Awards Agency for Scotland), the letter from the funding body confirming their agreement to a needs assessment, their student reference number and their contact details (mobile phone and email).  Any confirmation emails/correspondence will be addressed to your son/daughter.

Can I accompany my son or daughter to the needs assessment?

The vast majority of students will be over 18, so it will be their decision if they want you in their needs assessment. However, there are some disabilities where it may be essential that the student is accompanied.  If you just want to accompany them on the journey to the assessment centre, we have a comfortable waiting area or you may want to enjoy the shops and sights of Oxford Street (five minutes away) and Bond Street while they’re being assessed.

As a parent, what involvement can I have post-assessment?

It is understandable that many parents will want to assist their son/daughter in the DSA process and wish to help implement the recommendations made in the needs assessment report.  However, unless we have their written permission, we will be unable to discuss personal aspects of their case with you.  It should be noted that funding bodies may not be willing to discuss the details of your son/daughters DSA application with you and may ask for sight of a Power of Attorney document before they do so.  If it is a general query they should be able to help you without this document.


All assessments are now only being offered by telephone or online video conferencing.

Please call  07779 704697 to book or email dsa@westminster.ac.uk

Relocation Notice

Our main Fitzrovia Centre is now located at 32-38 Wells Street, London W1T 3UW.

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