Chairs with writing tablets

Posted on: 18 February 2016
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Another option for the new rooms will be these two chairs, with smaller writing tablets, good for taking notes in the lectures.


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  1. What about left handed individuals? Chairs recently bought for the refurbished classrooms in FST are all right handed – hardly inclusive!

  2. Students do not like this type of chair. We have received many complaints about the use of these chairs in MG14 at Marylebone.

  3. I have used similar chairs/tables to these this year and found them utter useless as students could move around with them but could only fit the page they were writing on and if they forgot to hold there tables or calculators with then they would have to zoom around the room to find them.

  4. The writing areas are too small most students need space for note taking and devices.

    Also current use the floor will get clutter with bags etc, so it is difficult to move around the room and for ad-hoc group activities

  5. These are too inflexible to act as substitute desks so we might end up with desks as well? The flat surfaces tend to droop after heavy sue and they are prone to damage (either of the malicious kind of just plain clumsiness).

  6. The Steelcase Node Chair is the best version of the mobile tablet chairs. They have now been in place in Regent Street for two years now, with no breakages.

    We need to be careful about using these on Bolon flooring – as they do move around more than conventional carpet tiling.

    Breaking up the colours can also mean that you can draw upon this for group work tasks (e.g. those on yellow seats argue X or those on blue seats argue Y).

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