Flexible for group work

Posted on: 18 February 2016
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These two chairs are the flexible version, designed for quick transitions between different rooms.


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  1. From what I have experienced of the new wheely chairs with pull out tables is that the tables aren’t big enough, even for an iPad, and soon start to droop.

  2. The feedback from post-grad students on these type of chairs is not very favourable….there is not enough room to write and to have other equipment on the desk – some seem assumed ‘right-handed’

  3. The problem with the chairs is that they must be able to stay in one place for a test as foundation and year 1 students can otherwise move around the room during a test. In addition, the table in front must be able to take at least 4 A4 sheets of paper as for a maths test they need a test paper, a table of integration, a table of trig functions and a table of Gaussian values.

  4. These are the most suitable for communicative language teaching out of all the models on show.

    It is very flexible: students can go in different groups very quickly (start in pairs, change to a different group of 4 and/ or have a big group swift exchanges unhindered by bags or furniture)
    The great advantage of this chair is that they can put their bag under which makes moving around a lot safer.
    The table is also big enough.

  5. The chair with the storage area underneath will be beneficial in reducing the floor level clutter of bags. A problem when trying to use the flexibility of moving chairs around the room for group activities
    Does it come in a left handed version I note the chairs currently on trial in Chiltern Block Marylebone do not!

  6. These are flexible and potentially help to keep belongings out of the way although in practice, there never seems to be quite enough space. I have concerns about the rigidity of the writing surface. Also, although these can be pushed together, they do not make a rigid flat surface suitable for working together, for instance to draw up detail on flip chart paper.

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