The AV and IT and some other bits and pieces…

Posted on: 10 June 2016
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All classrooms will have the new standard AV and IT including:

  • Adjustable lectern
  • Touch screen PC
  • Data projector and screen (or screens depending on size of room)
  • Microphone and speakers
  • Visualiser
  • Recording capability (slides plus audio)
  • Connectivity on the lectern (via HDMI and VGA cable) for laptops

In addition all rooms are planned to have Reflector installed in them which allows tutors and students (with the tutors permission) to wirelessly mirror the display from laptops, tablets and mobile phones to the main projection screen(s) in the room.

In addition:

  • Rooms will be fitted with dimmable lighting that people should be able to make work
  • There will be normal clocks (i.e. not digital so with hands) and there will be 2 in each room
  • It will be possible where there are multiple screens in a room to turn off the screens independently of one another
  • It will be possible to raise the projection screen at the front and turn off the data projector display without shutting the whole system down
  • There will be a lecturer’s desk and chair in each classroom (note that the rooms refurbished last year will also be retro equipped with these)
  • Telephones will not be on the lectern but on the wall
  • Power sockets will be around the walls at a ratio of 1 per 2 students. The power sockets will also have USB charging ports
  • We will not have writing walls but there will be as many whiteboards in a room as is feasible
  • In rooms with plectrum tables there will be a whiteboard for each table and tables and whiteboards will be colour coded

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate the suggestion made by a group of staff at the furniture exhibition that there should be refrigerated drinks cabinets under each lectern. Maybe next year:-)

4 Responses to “The AV and IT and some other bits and pieces…”

  1. This sounds very good (apart from the totally unacceptable lack of drinks cabinet). If we wish to use Blackboard Collaborate to allow remote access to classes, we will need to have a laptop with a camera or some such arrangement?

  2. Hi Anthony

    Each lectern PC will have a camera built in that might be acceptable if what you want to do is allow remote students to see and hear you. The mics on the lecterns will pick up the audio very well – the camera is reasonably quality but of course it won’t follow you around if you move from the lectern.The mic though will pick up your voice from quite a distance.



  3. Will the microphones be roving or static please? it would be good to have roving microphones set up, particularly for the large and awkwardly shaped classrooms where by standing by the lecturn not all the student can see you due to columns blocking view.

  4. Hi Linda

    Mics built into all room during refurbishment will be fixed. However AV do I believe have some roaming mics that can be booked.



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