Tilt top table

Posted on: 18 February 2016
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A very good option for studios, as the wheels allow the tables to be moved and also stored efficiently.


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  1. we have the tables at the back in our studio now in Architecture. They just arrived in September and already quite few are broken or have laminate peeling off the edges. They looked great in September but they seem not to be wearing very well!

  2. These tables are better for a test but again they must be able to be fixed for tests.

  3. For some subject areas this will give useful flexibility. But this also depends on the style of the accompanying chairs, with writing areas? Also storage for coats and bags to keep the rest of the space safe and usable

  4. In principle I like these as they are flexible and can (up to a point) be stacked to one side. The are a useful size.

    The key issue with these is robustness. Is the folding mechanism simple enough that someone who ahs never seen it before can operate it easily? Will it put up with the kind of (even unintentional) abuse they will get from clumsy staff and students? In particular, if the wheels have locks on them, these tend to be broken rather quickly.

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