Types of chairs

Posted on: 17 February 2016
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From the Workday Four Leg Chair with Arms and Castors which is available in black, stone or white as standard to the green height adjustable chair, our furniture exhibition includes a wide variety of chairs from comfortable to more practical ones in terms of adjustment or storage.

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3 Responses to “Types of chairs”

  1. Neither is any good unless there is an option to stop them moving around. If this option is available for both chairs then the green one looks more modern but the black one makes it easier for a person to get up if they have trouble going from a sitting to standing position so would be easier for maybe some disabled students.

  2. I think that the need for robustness should not be overlooked. Spindly arms and legs tend to be prone to damage. Having wheels is a mixed blessing. Anyone who has an office beneath a teaching space in which furniture is dragged around will appreciate the relative silence of wheeled furniture. However, there is a risk of injuries from people e falling out of wheeled chaors – especially if the person in question has some kind of physical impairment. Perhaps there is a case for more than one type of chair in some rooms – especially the larger ones.

  3. The Steelcase chairs are very sturdy and less prone to staining. The spider base is stylish and the colour palette reflects a contemporary, forward looking classroom!

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