Aaditi Dutt working at Prana Studios

Posted on: 20 March 2013
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Aaditi Dutt Aaditi Dutt

Aaditi Dutt graduated in 2010, having specialised in her final year on visual effects and post-production work. She has worked since graduation for a number of high profile companies and clients, but has now secured a role as Visual Development Artist with Prana Studios, one of the leading visual effects and animation companies in the global film business.

Aaditi writes:

“I really want to stress on how much this course has helped me professionally, and today I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for CMP! I am working with Prana Studios as a Visual development artist for feature films. The education I was able to get on the course has enabled me to do very well in this position.

“My role requires me to have a sound understanding of film (practical know-how as well as film theory), photography, fine art and of course, visual effects. While studying CMP, I was able to get a very good grounding in all these disciplines during my first two years, and on my final year film project, I was given the opportunity to develop the ‘look of the film’ which helped me put all my learning on the course, into practical use. Both the films I did during CMP made it to the Cannes Film Festival, and got me my first job after University!

“What I learned during my time on CMP, helped me make up for the lack of number of years of professional work experience that job applications often want, and in turn gave me a great portfolio and a head-start to getting the jobs I wanted, right from my first job after University.”

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