Jini Rawlings: residency in Hastings and Dunkerque

Posted on: 4 January 2014
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Jini Rawlings - Abri Abri (still) – Jini Rawlings, 2013

Jini Rawlings is a Senior Lecturer in moving image for CMP, and regularly exhibits as a video and installation artist. Jini writes about her recent project:

“I was the British artist chosen for the trans-national project Ici et La, working alongside artists from other European countries, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy and Poland and creating new work for exhibitions in Hastings and Dunkerque, 2013 City of Culture.

“The first part culminated in an exhibition in Hastings in August –September and the second part comprised a month long residency in Dunkerque in November with an exhibition opened by the Mayor on 30th December. This was made possible by a sabbatical from the University.

“I made 2 video installations in response to the specific locations. Both focused on key moments of change, cultural, political or geophysical.  

CUSP, a 3 channel video and mixed media piece shown in St Mary’s in the Castle Hastings is based on three 19th century women with strong links with Hastings, ‘Art sisters’ Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon, artist feminist and co founder of Girton College, Bessie Rayner Parkes (Belloc) and Elizabeth Siddal (Rossetti). The installation uses the layering and overlapping of images to reflect the interrelationships of lives and the contemporary resonances of histories, women’s roles and representation

Abri (shelter), a single channel video and mixed media installation, was made during the residency in Dunkerque and inspired by the long sand beaches which stretch from Dunkerque towards Belgium. They are recognized  ‘lieux de memoires’,  a key concept in French cultural history and a repository of pre-war childhood memories, the embarkation of allied troops in operation Dynamo in 1940 and the site for contemporary wind surfers and Sunday walkers. Abri uses the memories of occupation, family archives and location filming to explore some of the complexities of this contested space. A companion piece L’Aube / Challenge is a document of the renovation of one of the small ships which rescued men from the beaches in 1940.”

You can read more on Jini’s work at http://www.jinirawlings.com/

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