Posted on: 13 October 2014
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Dance4MeTV is an award winning new webseries created by our 3rd years Rebecca Graham and Emilie Dubois.

The scope of the webseries is to blur the line between reality TV and scripted drama while following eight dancers, their rehearsals and live performances.

Drama unfolds, tension rises and love triangles are formed while they struggle to reach their goal as recognised dancers.

Upon completing the pilot episode, Rebecca and Emilie submitted a 5 minute version to the Raindance Web Fest competition (in association with leading video platform Dailymotion) and won the amazing prize of £2,500 to use for completing the webseries, alongside 20 hours of access to Dailymotion’s Paris editing studios.

The winning pilot can be viewed at: and the official Raindance press release at: .


After the award, Rebecca (director, scriptwriter and producer) and Emilie (cinematographer and social media manager) decided to take two more people on board and make the webseries into their Final Major Project. Pongthorn Freeman joined in as cinematographer and camera operator of the ‘Making of Dance4MeTV’ and Kamran Draeger as the producer of ‘Making of Dance4MeTv’.

The students are currently in pre-production and are close to starting a fundraising campaign. In the meantime, they are releasing teasers every Friday on Youtube at: !

Follow them on:




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