Emilie Giles, Co-Director of Codasign

Posted on: 28 November 2014
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CMP shaped what I went on to do by being a diverse course which taught me how important a cross disciplinary approach is. Whilst on it I discovered digital and was fascinated by how I could mix my photography skills with writing code and making interactive work which felt very exciting.

On beginning CMP I was quite convinced that I wanted to be a photographer. I had studied it at A-level and spent most of my spare time shooting on black and white 35mm film. Fast forward 11 year laters and here I am running an arts and technology education company ( Codasign ) and working as a consultant on how eTextiles can be used for blind and visually impaired people; it’s an interesting progression!

A few years after graduating from CMP I went on to study at Goldmsiths, focusing on pervasive gaming whilst on the MA in Interactive Media in the Centre for Cultural Studies and then discovering maker culture through groups like MzTEK and OpenLab.

This approach to learning is so important and having a range of skills is extremely useful – it has been for me! I’m very proud to be a CMP graduate and look forward to many more years of having the opportunity to see the great work which comes out of it.

Here is an image from my Open University project:


Here is an image from my ongoing project ‘The Conductive Craft Company:


Here is one from a workshop I did called ‘Critical Computing’:

IMG_1858_2x (1)

This is from a MzTEK project, ‘Hacked Human Orchestra’:


And this is from a Codasign workshop which I led:


Follow Emilie’s work on: http://emiliegiles.co.uk/ and keep up with all of her amazing professional progress on https://www.linkedin.com/in/emiliegiles.  

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