Emma Shoesmith speaks at the ‘Shextreme Film Festival’

Posted on: 16 October 2015
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A recent graduate, Emma Shoesmith, was a guest speakerĀ at the very firstĀ female action sports film festival called the ‘Shextreme Film Festival’.

She Extreme Festival is the first of its kind to give films, that solely highlights women in action sports, a platform. “Shextreme.tv is Europe’s first video community run by women for women in extreme sports. We showcase the most fun, inspirational and wild women in extreme sports today.”


The festival was the very first female action sports film festival in the UK and the panel, which included Emma Shoesmith who is the founder of Board of Media, took the form of a debate. Topics discussed covered the representation of females in sports media, activity verses passivity in female sports imagery and potential solutions to increase coverage of women’s sporting events. A collective consciousness from the panel echoed that its important to see more racial and gender diversity not only in media production teams, but on screen as well.


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