Pride, Pole & Prejudice to be screened at Santa Fe Film Festival

Posted on: 21 October 2015
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Recent graduates, Rebecca Graham and Emilie Dubois will be flying to New Mexico this December to attend The Santa Fe Film Festival where their graduation film, Pride, Pole & Prejudice is to be screened.

Pride, Pole & Prejudice is a short documentary that explores the rise of contemporary pole dancing in London, as a form of exercise and sport. It interviews students from all backgrounds and levels as well as the teachers who teach it. Pride, Pole & Prejudice aims to banish that myth that pole dancing is only for strip clubs by documenting how it is performed in dance schools and gyms as well as the physical and mental benefits it has provided the pole dancer. Pride, Pole & Prejudice was made by Rebecca Graham, Emilie Dubois, Kamran Draeger and Pongthorn Freeman for their final major project.

The Santa Fe Film Festival will run from the 2nd December to 6th December 2015.

Santa Fe Film Festival

“The Santa Fe Film Festival focuses on bringing together distinguished industry specialists and discriminating movie lovers through accessible screenings, panels, workshops and parties. Our annual event honors everyone working both behind the scenes and on screen to bring the best of film creation, production and showings to the public.”



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