James Fuller, CMP Graduate, to study Sculpture at Royal College of Art

Posted on: 25 April 2016
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Work by James Fuller, Faysal Mroueh and Andrew Bever

James Fuller graduated from CMP in 2010, his final project being a complex installation featuring interactive objects, films, photographs and a detailed constructed space. James worked on this with two other students, Faysal Mroueh and Andrew Bever. An image of this installation is to the right.

James has now won a place for postgraduate study in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. This is the leading Sculpture course in the UK, and one of the leading courses globally.

James writes:

“Having graduated in 2010, I put a strong emphasis on the physical production of art work as a means to move my practice forward and continue my training. I’ve spent time doing all types of freelance work from assisting a bronze sculptress to working with galleries and other artists. This culminated with a long-term role with the artists Troika, which I decided to take on full time because the challenge was big and the work diverse. We produced projects all over the world in my time there from LA to Colombia, developing a strong working relationship over three years that has really informed my own work since.

“Being able to develop the skills and experience to cut a living from the arts to support the ongoing development of my own practice is something that is absolutely crucial. Without one the other is impossible. I’ve maintained my own studio throughout the last three years, working on my projects and interests in any available time and will now be going back to complete my masters at the Royal College of Art in 2016. An application that was well supported by the network I’ve developed through my professional work.

“If you are interested in this field, the best possible starting point could be 10 Bullets by Tom Sachs, essential viewing, enjoy !”

Work by James Fuller

James Fuller, Formations of good faith, 2015 – Jesmonite, Concrete, Aluminium, Steel, Electronics & Optics

Congratulations to James for achieving this prestigious place at the Royal College of Art.

James’ success stands alongside many other achievements of CMP graduates – with recent postgraduate success at such high profile institutions as National Film and Television School, Goldsmiths University, Columbia University (USA), Kings College, London, and Sotheby’s, as well as several other recent CMP graduates winning places on courses at the Royal College of Art in disciplines as broad as Visual Communication, Critical Writing, Curating, and now Sculpture. This is a striking diversity of high achievement from one undergraduate course – Contemporary Media Practice.

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