James Fuller, CMP Graduate, to study Sculpture at Royal College of Art

Work by James Fuller, Faysal Mroueh and Andrew Bever

Posted on: 25 April 2016
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James Fuller graduated from CMP in 2010, his final project being a complex installation featuring interactive objects, films, photographs and a detailed constructed space. James worked on this with two other students, Faysal Mroueh and Andrew Bever. An image of this installation is to the right.

James has now won a place for postgraduate study in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. This is the leading Sculpture course in the UK, and one of the leading courses globally.

James writes:

“Having graduated in 2010, I put a strong emphasis on the physical production of art work as a means to move my practice forward and continue my training. I’ve spent time doing all types of freelance work from assisting a bronze sculptress to working with galleries and other artists. This culminated with a long-term role with the artists Troika, which I decided to take on full time because the challenge was big and the work diverse. We produced projects all over the world in my time there from LA to Colombia, developing a strong working relationship over three years that has really informed my own work since.

“Being able to develop the skills and experience to cut a living from the arts to support the ongoing development of my own practice is something that is absolutely crucial. Without one the other is impossible. I’ve maintained my own studio throughout the last three years, working on my projects and interests in any available time and will now be going back to complete my masters at the Royal College of Art in 2016. An application that was well supported by the network I’ve developed through my professional work.

“If you are interested in this field, the best possible starting point could be 10 Bullets by Tom Sachs, essential viewing, enjoy !”

Work by James Fuller

James Fuller, Formations of good faith, 2015 – Jesmonite, Concrete, Aluminium, Steel, Electronics & Optics

Congratulations to James for achieving this prestigious place at the Royal College of Art.

James’ success stands alongside many other achievements of CMP graduates – with recent postgraduate success at such high profile institutions as National Film and Television School, Goldsmiths University, Columbia University (USA), Kings College, London, and Sotheby’s, as well as several other recent CMP graduates winning places on courses at the Royal College of Art in disciplines as broad as Visual Communication, Critical Writing, Curating, and now Sculpture. This is a striking diversity of high achievement from one undergraduate course – Contemporary Media Practice.

Alena Burova, Producer in LA

Alena Burova

Posted on: 30 July 2014
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Alena Burova graduated from CMP in 2012 before moving to Los Angeles where she obtained a certificate in Film and TV producing.

After working for Hollywood top independent production companies such as Voltage Pictures and Emmett/Furla/Oasis, Alena has founded the production company Wiseworld Entertainment, partnering with award-nominated French Director/Producer Geoffroy Faugérolas.

Alena states: “the mission of Wiseworld Entertainment is to develop and produce entertaining, eclectic, meaningful and high-quality movies that attract a wide variety of audiences around the world.”

While attending CMP at University of Westminster Alena produced the compelling short drama Deadpoint. Directed by Milad Latoof, this graduation film tells the story of a soldier caught in the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s.

Since she settled in the United States, Alena has to date produced more than five Award-nominated films, including Limbo, The Tsarevich starring Mark Moses (Desperate Housewives), Memoire starring Dean Winters (Oz) and Alice which is being developed as a feature-film.


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The Process – Joshua Baker and Kadri Mahmoud – East End Film Festival premiere

The Process - dir. Joshua Baker

Posted on: 20 June 2014
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CMP graduates Joshua Baker and Kadri Mahmoud have premièred their feature length documentary, The Process at the East End Film Festival, London on 14th June, 2014.

‘Following the lives of three young people, The Process looks at the human dimension of the recently collapsed Middle East peace talks. A forensic, impressive documentary from British journalist and filmmaker Joshua Baker, this a timely exploration of the forces, personalities and geo-political factors working to keep one of modern history’s longest running conflicts unresolved. An instructive film for those both familiar and unfamiliar with a tragic crisis.’

Joshua previously wrote a blog post for us on his career since graduation.


CMP Degree Shows 2014

CMP Degree Show 2014

Posted on: 5 June 2014
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The CMP degree show of final year work opens on the evening of Thursday 19th June (5.30 – 8.00pm) at Ambika P3, and runs until 22nd June.

This will be a showcase of excellence across the full breadth of media covered by CMP: photography, films, documentaries, interactive projects and installations.

The show is titled BORDERLESS, and will feature work on diverse themes such as: photography reflecting on eco-communities; bio-luminescent interactive sculpture; jealous robots; the fall of Romanian communism; recollections of Chinese school life; the aftermath of earthquakes in Italy; video postcards from Bangladeshi migrant workers; and so much more.

We then screen our graduation film productions at a special event at BAFTA on Sunday 22nd June, from 6.00 – 10.30pm. This is a ticket only event, but enquiries to attend are welcome.

Please see our Degree Show information for more details.


Joshua Baker: filmmaker, documentary maker, journalist (and more)

Joshua Baker

Posted on: 11 April 2014
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Joshua Baker graduated from CMP in 2012 (with first class honours), and since then he has worked across a number of media industry roles. His website is www.joshwbaker.com / twitter @alexeibaker

Joshua writes:

“My professional life since leaving CMP has mirrored the diverse range of practices covered by the course. In the 2 years since graduating I’ve been lucky enough to work across multiple facets of the media industry, from the 2012 Olympics to the foreign desk of The Times. Biggest of all, has been producing and directing a feature documentary in the Middle East. But I’ve also built websites, produced music videos, worked as a press officer and freelanced for the BBC.

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Zed Nelson: Guardian story on Lampedusa boat tragedy survivors

Zed Nelson

Posted on: 25 March 2014
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Illustrious graduate from this course, Zed Nelson, has published a feature report in the Guardian Weekend magazine (Saturday 22nd March, 2014) on survivors from the Lampedusa boat tragedy in which many African migrants died.

The same story will be told by Zed Nelson through a forthcoming Channel 4 Dispatches documentary in April.

Zed graduated from CMP in the 1990s (under a course previous title), and was recently awarded a prestigious Photoworks British School at Rome fellowship.

Phoebe Rixon, Producer and CMP graduate

Phoebe Rixon

Posted on: 21 February 2014
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Phoebe Rixon graduated from CMP in 2009 with first class honours, and since then has been working as a producer.

Phoebe writes:

“Through CMP I found the producer role particularly suited me as it’s a good mix of organisation and a bit of creative input too. You get to manage every aspect of and really take ownership over the projects. The course helped hugely, particularly the last year, as the final major project gave me a real insight into working on a larger scale in a tight team, bouncing off each other and using our different skills across the work. We had a great time making our final film, and ended up with a project which we were all massively proud of.

“I started at Brothers and Sisters (www.brothersandsisters.co.uk – a Clerkenwell based creative/advertising agency) three years ago, and am now at a stage where I’m producing my own jobs that are gradually increasing in scale.

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Kitti Edwards (CMP student) interviewed on Arts Thread

Project Cellule Kitti Edwards and Lilianna Williams

Posted on: 5 February 2014
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Final year CMP student Kitti Edwards has been interviewed for Arts Thread, an ‘online educational tool designed to connect students, graduates, universities and industry, exclusively within the field of design and creative industries’

You can read Kitti’s interview here:


Kitti is currently working with fellow student Lilianna Williams on her Major Project, Project Cellule, a collaboration with bioscientists and engineers.

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Jini Rawlings: residency in Hastings and Dunkerque

Jini Rawlings - Abri

Posted on: 4 January 2014
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Jini Rawlings is a Senior Lecturer in moving image for CMP, and regularly exhibits as a video and installation artist. Jini writes about her recent project:

“I was the British artist chosen for the trans-national project Ici et La, working alongside artists from other European countries, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy and Poland and creating new work for exhibitions in Hastings and Dunkerque, 2013 City of Culture.

“The first part culminated in an exhibition in Hastings in August –September and the second part comprised a month long residency in Dunkerque in November with an exhibition opened by the Mayor on 30th December. This was made possible by a sabbatical from the University.

“I made 2 video installations in response to the specific locations. Both focused on key moments of change, cultural, political or geophysical.  

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Chris Toumazou nominated for UK Music Video Awards

Chris Toumazou and Kiran Mandla

Posted on: 4 October 2013
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Recent CMP graduate Chris Toumazou has been nominated for Best Alternative Video (Budget) for his directing of the music video for Tropics’ Home & Consonance.

Congratulations to Chris for this nomination, and you can view the video at:


Chris and a fellow CMP graduate, Kiran Mandla have their growing production company, Compulsory, set up as soon as they graduated in 2012. They have been busy on a number of projects, including fashion promos, music videos and events.

Tropics, Home & Consonance, directed by Chris Toumazou

Tropics, Home & Consonance, directed by Chris Toumazou