Flash, a-ah, still not quite dead, yet.

Posted on: 18 June 2018
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This month our Information and IT Security  officer, Graeme Wolfe, looks at a further vulnerability in Adobe Flash and advises on how to protect yourself, if you are still using this product in your web browser.

Some of you may remember a post I wrote last July about the demise of the web software, Flash.

Well it turns out that it’s not quite dead yet. Despite the owners of the software, Adobe, saying they were no longer going to provide updates to their product; an update was released as part of a ‘security bulletin’, due to a particularly nasty exploit that has been seen in ‘the wild’, currently doing the rounds in the Middle East, but likely to be heading our way sometime soon.

This exploit comes to you via Microsoft office documents, attached to a tempting email. So the usual advice remains. Patch your web browser versions of Flash using your browser update options or from this link and be wary of any tempting emails, with attachments you weren’t expecting. See here for more advice.

Graeme Wolfe

Information and IT Security Officer



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