One of the strands of Learning Futures, the Westminster Distinctiveness strand, developed a set of graduate attributes. In this project, we are seeking to develop a set of resources that will help students to engage with the different attribute concepts and reflect on their developmental progress in relation to the attributes. That is why we introduced the Potentially system. However, very rapidly the introduction of Potentially has driven the requirement to bring together the various systems used to support a student’s personal development, in relation to the graduate attributes, with Engage, the primary system that underpins the support they receive from the Careers and Student Employment service.

Hence this project, the main aim of which is to ensure that from the start of the next academic year, when students visit the Engage system to explore opportunities (e.g events, placements, volunteering) to aid in the development of their employability profile they will have seamless access to a personal space where they can record their development progress. The range of functionality that will essentially be added to the Engage system as a consequence of this work will include:

  • a personality indicator (PI) questionnaire that generates reports customised to the Westminster Graduate Attribute (GA) framework
  • recording of tasks completed that address/underpin proficiency in the GAs
  • recording of extra-curricular activities
  • storing/organisation of artefacts (documents, images, videos) by students in a repository
  • creation of e-portfolios, that can be shared internally and externally, drawing on the repository content
  • online text discussions/exchange between students and staff who support them through their academic progress/development

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