The project team has worked with academic staff and critically students to try to determine what the system to support personal development should be able to do. Apart from the need to ensure that it can work seamlessly with the existing Engage system, and to all intents and purposes appear to users as an extension of that system it should also be able to:

What the system needs to do

  • Enable completion of a personality indicator (PI) questionnaire that generates reports customised to the Westminster Graduate Attribute (GA) framework
  • Allow sharing of PI reports with other users (e.g. peers, tutors, careers service support staff)
  • Allow the recording of tasks completed that address/underpin proficiency in the GAs
  • Allow recording and accrual of employability points awarded for completing extra-curricular activities/tasks
  • Link to the system used to award digital badges for employability linked achievement
  • Record extra-curricular activities (whether employability points rated or not)
  • Allow the storing/organisation of artefacts (documents, images, videos) in a repository
  • Allow the creation of e-portfolios, that can be shared internally and externally, drawing on the repository content
  • Allow online text discussions/exchange between students and tutors on the student’s academic progress/development
  • Allow the booking of appointments with personal tutors
  • Provide reports on individual students to key staff on demand (e.g. personal tutors, careers staff) on for example:
    • Activities completed
    • Events attended
    • Goals/objectives
    • Badges awarded

Students needs in relation to the system

  • Able to complete a PI questionnaire so that it can be:
    • Stored in their repository
    • Shared with key support staff (e.g. tutors, careers staff)
  • A repository for their personal development linked artefacts which can be drawn on by them to build an e-portfolio
  • To be able to access/store the outputs of any online learning activities conducted at pre-arrival (e.g. completion of online course(s) and any associated digital badge) in Blackboard) or after arrival in Blackboard or via Lynda.
  • Access to the Engage community so as to:
    • Know about careers events
    • Book on events
    • Book on courses
    • Seek advice/book appointments
  • Students need to be able to see their employability points tally
  • Students need to be able to engage in online dialogue with their tutors and careers staff
  • Students ned to be able to create and share internally and externally, e-portfolios

The needs of staff supporting students

  • Access to reports on individual students in order to:
    • Check student progress
    • Inform development meetings
  • Capability for both careers staff and course teams to add in new employability points rated activities

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