The Learning Futures Programme had a project strand called Westminster Distinctiveness. As part of that project strand the Westminster Graduate Attribute Framework was developed. Following a student competition it was agreed that a new resource should be put in place that would help students to engage with that framework in a way that would help them reflect on and understand their own maturity in relation to different aspects of the framework.

Following recommendations from the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) we have worked with a small start-up company to develop a customised version of a product called Potentially. The Potentially system helps a student to develop their self-awareness of their skills in relation to common employability attributes. Over the Simmer of 2016 Potentially have customised their core product to take better account specifically of the Westminster Graduate Attribute Framework. Following this, nearly 1000 new students completed the Potentially personality questionnaire in a pilot exercise, with each generating a report designed to help them consider where they may need to focus future development efforts.

The initial success with the pilot has led the university to initiate a project to integrate the Potentially development with other key systems that support student personal development (primarily the Engage system but also Blackboard, SRSWeb and the personal tutoring system). This will be a gradual process of trying to ensure that a student need ultimately go to only 1 online placeĀ in order to find information, engage in activities and record what they’ve done in relation to personal and professional development. Similarly the work will seek to make it easy for those supporting students on their journey to access from 1 place all of the record of student development activity linked to employability.

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