Senior staff at Westminster attended an event to discuss the Digital Capability work at Westminster and how this was linked to Digital Leadership. Activities at the workshop led to a number of key points that the institution should consider in order to better exploit the Digital Environment. These included

Needing to address the burden that the use of email is placing on us

  • Enhancing confidence in digital creation
  • Exploiting Sharepoint (linked to the point above)
  • Addressing digital wellbeing, including stressing the potential positive health and work/life balance effects of using digital tools
  • Developing capability in exploitation of virtual online meetings
  • Attending to student digital capability development
  • Increasing the use of digital learning tools in active student-centred learning
  • Understanding better what leaders can do to help drive practice in digital teaching forward

These points will be picked up further and addressed through the digital capability project but also in developing more clearly the institutional digital strategy (by July) and from implementing specific actions that will derive from that.

Lisa Gray, from the JISC, attended the session to provide an overview of the national programme for Digital Capability Development. A recording of her short presentation, plus a recording from the feedback on the main group activity at the event can be accessed via the links below.

Presentation by Lisa Gray from JISC

Summary of outputs from the group discussion on digital priorities for change

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