The E-consultancy initiative, whereby Westminster Business School nominates experienced volunteers from the rank of its staff and alumni to render e-consultancy services to SMEs abroad, has successfully taken off. The initiative is the outcome of a high level collaboration between Westminster Business School and Growth Volunteer Consulting – a UK government-funded charitable organisation.

Under the arrangement, volunteers with appropriate skills and experience will be required to dedicate one hour a week (for three months) of their time to advising Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurs on a wide range of business-related issues within their areas of expertise.



In return, participants will gain invaluable experience and skills needed to enhance their consultancy capabilities. The initiative will help build skills and experiences for alumni and Westminster Business School staff members, who are contemplating participating in the school’s third income-generating strand and improve their chances of successful bidding and participation in subsequent high-profile consultancy projects.

Over sixty volunteers (from all departments within Westminster Business School support staff and alumni) have signed up on the program to date.

This is a great opportunity to use your business expertise to help empower entrepreneurs in Africa to accomplish their dreams.

Only one hour a week
Help transform the lives of people in some of the poorest communities with only one hour a week

Remote Convenient Connection to entrepreneurs

The consultancy is all done remotely so there is no travel involved at all and you can carry out the e-consultancy anywhere with an internet connection and laptop/tablet.

Further enquiries should be directed to:

The project’s academic leadOla Sholarin


You can also read more about this programme in our Transform the lives of entrepreneurs in Africa through e-consultancy blog

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