As Lao-tzu said many moons ago, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
I feel the biggest step in my career so far was achieved thanks to the Women For The Board programme. It has set me on a new course with a new found confidence, with a wealth of new knowledge and connections.

The contributions from CEOs, coaches and experienced Board Members were inspiring, all sharing openly their knowledge, perspective and experience and giving us an inside picture. They drove interactive sessions which equipped us with the knowledge on the roles, opportunities, mechanics of the various boards. The afternoon workshops helped us assess our skills and prepared us to drive valuable contributions for the boards as women.


women for the board


Another element was the sense of common purpose and unity that we all shared. I wasn’t sure who would be attending and was in awe of those other women sitting at the table.
We started on the first day as strangers yet the programme helped us network with each other and create new bonds. I looked forward to each session with anticipation as it has become the opportunity for a regular catch up with each other and the opportunity to share our achievements and challenges. There was always a mutual respect for each other.

In terms of confidence, I have become even more passionate than ever to help other women step up and take the opportunity to develop and grow, take on this new journey which will open new doors and destinations.
Thank you Ruth and team for making this possible!

This blog is written by Sabine Cronin

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