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Photographer Nancy Honey is a woman on a mission. Her landmark project, 100 Leading Ladies, aims to “celebrate the diverse achievements of some of the UK’s most influential senior women across a variety of industries”, spotlighting, in the process, “the story of an interesting period of social change in modern history”.

The 100 portraits, photographed in places of inspiration selected by the women, have been exhibited widely and collected into a book. Each portrait is complemented by a vibrant and pithy interview conducted by journalist Hattie Garlick.

Inspiring young women and changing culture

Nancy’s mission isn’t simply to record and celebrate. More than that, she wants to “encourage young girls and women to fulfil their potential, ignite discussion and raise questions about attitudes to leadership, education, gender diversity and senior management in the workplace today” and “inspire a change of culture in the workplace”.

Women, workplace culture and business success

As so much recent research (see below for links) demonstrates, workplace culture change is essential if women are to fulfil their leadership potential. But, correspondingly, as Patricia Scotland, Baroness Scotland of Asthal, the UK’s first black woman QC and the first black woman to serve as a government minister, points out in her 100 Leading Ladies interview: “In the financial crisis, those companies who had a good gender balance on the board did best. It’s the dynamic between the genders that engenders success. A balanced leadership team provides better outcomes.”

Nancy Honey at Westminster Business School

At Westminster Business School we’re very lucky to have Nancy Honey coming to discuss her project, introduce a special guest or two, and sign copies of her book on Wednesday November 25th. You can order the book online from the 100 Leading Ladies website, or buy one on the night (£30, cash only).

If you act quickly, you may be able to secure one of the limited free places for Westminster Business School’s staff, students and alumni, by visiting our 100 Leading Ladies Eventbrite page. Otherwise, tickets are £15 each, or £25 for two.

And if you need further convincing, here’s Harriet Minter writing in The Guardian, where she describes Nancy’s” ability to capture human joy in both the mundane and the fantastical that comes across in 100 Leading Ladies, as well as the understanding that nobody can be defined by one aspect of their personalities, that we need to see the whole person.”

Featuring leading businesswomen, politicians, lawyers, campaigners, writers, scientists, medics and others, this combination of portraits and words provides a profound insight into 100 women leaders, mapping their individual journeys to the top and lighting the way ahead for the next generations.

100 Leading Ladies on the web

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“I wanted to discover these amazing, strong women that no-one had ever heard of” – Harriet Minter’s Guardian interview with Nancy Honey

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Hiring More Women Means Changing Your Company’s Culture – Avivah Wittenberg-Cox in Harvard Business Review

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Development opportunities for Leading Ladies: present and future

Westminster Business School’s Women for the Board Programme – recruiting January 2016 intake now

Leadership Workshops – starting October 28th with Innovation for Business Growth

Leadership (Advanced Professional Practice) MSc – recruiting January 2016 intake now

RBS and the Guardian’s Forward Women conference – free one-day event for ambitious women aged 18-22

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