Westminster Business School has launched a new course in Governing, Leading and Managing Healthcare, in response to a growing interest and demand for courses focused on healthcare governance.

“It’s a subject that’s come to the fore following reports arising from failures of care, such as at Mid-Staffordshire,” says Joy Tweed, who developed the programme from an earlier Masters degree programme: Integrated Governance in Healthcare.

The new course enables healthcare professionals to gain a Postgraduate Certificate, a Postgraduate Diploma and an MSc. Starting in January, each stage lasts a year and consists of three modules, all of which are directly relevant to participants’ work.

Healthcare governance: keep the patient centre-stage

“The reports emphasise how quality of care has to be at the forefront of the board’s mind, and that the patient to be kept centre-stage.” Despite the on-going debate over what Joy calls “governance creep, where governance becomes just another form of management”, she is clear that “the ultimate governance responsibility lies with the board. But for the board to be effective in this role, it needs the support of others in the organisation with a passion for good governance.

Eamonn Lyster completed Westminster Business School’s Integrated Governance in Healthcare Communities MSc – the course from which the new Masters degree in Governing, Leading and Managing Healthcare was developed – in 2014. He completed his Masters degree while working for a private healthcare company.

Eamonn Lyster

Qualification tailored for busy healthcare professionals

“The programme is broken into manageable chunks which made studying easier for those of us in busy and demanding roles in the health and social care sector. I enrolled with the intention of further developing my career in healthcare governance. The course did this and more for me”, he says. Soon after completing the course Eamonn was promoted to Risk Manager.

Not only did the course help him achieve promotion, it also boosted his confidence. And increased confidence has enabled him to be a stronger manager. “I now always challenge processes in my workplace,” he says, “in a continuous pursuit for quality improvement.”

Leadership, governance, hearts and minds

As Joy points out, this is key to good governance. “Good governance means more that just ticking boxes to meet regulatory requirements like incident reporting. It also means winning hearts and minds, enthusing staff to continually reflect and improve practice, keeping the quality of patient care at the forefront.”

This, she explains, “is about telling a story. What is it we’re trying to achieve? Senior leaders need to ensure they help people see how their part of the process contributes.

Great care doesn’t just happen. However brilliant the professional staff are, they need to be supported by systems and processes that promote best practice, allow excellence and innovation to happen and provide the structures and accountability to ensure that the risk of harm is minimised. When all these are in place and functioning, organisations can ensure and demonstrate that patient care is genuinely at the heart of everything they do.”

A passion for good governance

Joy, a former nurse who served 11 years as a non-executive director on a Primary Care Trust (PCT) has developed this new programme because she is passionate about good governance. “The modules on this new course will help participants reflect critically on their own role in the quality agenda, as well as increasing their knowledge of leadership and management.” Joy’s passion communicates itself to her students. “Her dedication to the subject is reflected in how the course is delivered,” says Eamonn. “This is a challenging yet rewarding course perfect for anyone who would like to take that next step in their career and professional development.“

The best 2 resources for healthcare governance

The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP)

Good Governance Institute

Find out more and apply for the Governing, Leading and Managing Healthcare

Postgraduate Certificate

Postgraduate Diploma




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