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On Monday 12 December at 16.30-17.30 GMT, Dr Ruth Sacks will host a free Women for the Board online information session.

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Dr Ruth Sacks, who leads our online information session about Women for the Board
Dr Ruth Sacks © The Headshot Guy

During the online information session, Ruth will give a presentation about Women for the Board, and answer your questions.

More about Women for the Board

  • six days of intensive on-site learning and development over six months
  • one-to-one coaching and mentoring by our facilitators, all of whom have extensive board experience
  • optional workshops in media training and Strengths for the Board as well as a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Profiling Package

Almost 40% of Women for the Board alumnae have secured a board role or a significant promotion, or have taken their career to the next level within six months of completing the programme.

What our participants say

Ghilaine Chan
Ghilaine Chan

“What gives the programme the edge is meeting people who already have board roles, who’ve been there and done that. People who do those roles differently, who’ve achieved their roles in different ways, and apply their own rules to it.

Often, on other courses, you’re encouraged to follow instructions and do things in the one particular way. Women for the Board allows you to see lots of different approaches to board roles and gives you the freedom to fit your own approach into how you will go about it.”

Ghilaine Chan, who runs Ghilaine & Co and non-executive director for

Read an interview with Ghilaine

“I got practical, real world advice from directors. They talked through how they had achieved their objectives. It helped motivate me to get my own approach and plan together. I

Clare Duffy
Clare Duffy

also had a much better understanding of what was expected of board members and board roles. It meant I felt I wasn’t going into the situation blind.”

Clare Duffy, UK General Manager for ESB and non-executive director

Read an interview with Clare

“We had practical workshops where we role-played being a company taking over another company. We learned the questioning techniques you need as a board member and I found

that really useful. … all my roles have been hands-on, and I knew my job inside out, so no-one could pull the wool over my eyes. Moving into a board role, I’ll need to ask the questions differently, because I won’t have the information or the knowledge that I’ve been used to having.

Sue Baldwin: Women for the Board alimna
Sue Baldwin

Doing Women for the Board helped me get my non-executive directorship by giving me the confidence and understanding to ask the questions. It also helped with how to sell myself.“

Sue Baldwin, non-executive director.

Read an interview with Sue Baldwin

Find out more by joining our online information session

on Monday 12 December, 16.30-17.30 GMT.

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The next Women for the Board programme starts 18 January 2017.

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